Breakfast Briefings and Lunch & Learn Sessions

One of the main struggles training managers face is finding a suitable time for a member of staff, or a whole team, to attend training. In response to this, Lunch and Learn sessions and Breakfast Briefings have become increasingly popular in professional Learning and Development.

Public Affairs Ireland are dedicated to providing training that is fully adaptable to the needs of the organisation and the individual.

During these special training sessions, staff can enjoy a meal together while listening to, and interacting with, our expert trainers.

The topics covered range from well-being, to HR issues, to personal effectiveness. The brief talks and active discussion are intended to enrich and educate staff in a casual, friendly environment. Team morale and engagement is also improved through the social element of the sessions.

To plan a Lunch & Learn session or Breakfast Briefing, you can contact our In-House Training Executive, Joanne, or PAI’s Relationship Manager Liz on (01) 819 8500