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An article by the CCPC, special guest speakers on PAI’s Certificate in Public Procurement programme.

Competition and public procurement fit hand in glove.  Both look for innovative solutions and value for money that lead to better services and opportunities for both consumers and businesses. However, the structured nature of public procurement can make it a fertile breeding ground for anti-competitive practices such as bid-rigging. Bid-rigging is when suppliers come together and agree on an approach to manipulate the outcome of a procurement process. It is critical that public and civil servants are aware of their responsibility to identify tendering anomalies and bring them to the attention of the Competition and Consumer Protection Commission (CCPC). The CCPC is encouraging all Procurement Executives to work with them to identify and stamp out big-rigging within Irish public procurement.

The CCPC has produced an excellent guide to bid-rigging including tips on what to look out for and advice on making your procurement process as robust as possible. Staff in the Criminal Enforcement Division of the CCPC are also available to meet with Procurement Executives and organisational teams to provide customised advice and supports.

For Procurement Trainers, the CCPC guide to bid-rigging and educational video are go-to resources to include in any procurement training or resource pack. Participants on the PAI Certificate Progamme in Public Procurement will already be familiar with the CCPC Criminal Enforcement Division’s training session on bid-rigging and price fixing practices. CCPC staff are available to deliver this training to any teams or groups of public sector staff who are involved in procurement. This training can be delivered remotely and is ideal for a lunch and learn session with staff working from home.

For more information or to request a training session email or call 01 470 3678/087 183 050