Bespoke Customer Care Training

Example of In-House Training

At PAI we can create bespoke training programmes by customising a programme we already have within our portfolio or by developing a new training programme catering to a client’s specific requirements.

Take a look at the development of one of our recent in-house training programmes to understand how we tailor our programmes to suit your organisation’s needs:

The Request

Early this year, a client contacted us as they required customer service training with additional content tailored for their staff.

This organisation facilitated grants for private sector businesses. The process required staff members within this organisation to implement compliance inspections. However, due to the pandemic, these inspections had not been completed in person for some time.

As restrictions started to ease, these inspections were due to be enforced again, so it was essential for staff to have tailored training to deal with the difficult behavoirs they may encounter throughout their role.

Our Approach

After receiving this request, our in-house team advised the client that the most effective training solution would be our standard customer care programme with additional tailored content which would meet all training needs. 

 In order to fully understand the requirements of the client, we organised a consultation between the client’s training officers and our customer service trainer, which was hosted by our in-house training manager.

At this consultation meeting, we discussed what additional areas the client needed training in. It was important for our trainer and PAI’s programme developer to have an understanding of the types of situations their staff walk into when conducting a compliance inspection so that it could be addressed throughout the training. 

It was decided staff needed an additional section on dealing with upset, flustered and difficult customers.

Our regular training program had an existing section on dealing with difficult customers; so this section was expanded to include the types of difficult behaviour that staff members may meet within these situations. 

The Outcome

Due to excellent communication between our in-house team and our client, as well as deep research and programme development, the training sessions delivered were highly tailored to the organisation, and met all of their initial needs.

This included tailored scenarios that were created for the role play section of the training, so that delegates could work through previous examples of providing customer care to difficult customers when performing compliance inspections.

Once the programme was finalised it was successfully run over multiple sessions for the client’s staff. 

The Outcome

Hear what delegates from this training programme had to say:

"So many ‘takeaways’ which are transferable across many aspects of life and therefore can be practiced in order to deliver a greater quality customer experience"

"The trainer was really engaging and spoke clearly and kept my interest all day. She was open to questions which was great and she was warm and friendly throughout"

"Relevant information, provided me with invaluable tools to improve immediately my effectiveness in my role"