The term “whistleblower” has become an increasingly recognised term in the public and private sectors over the past few years, and is often a term that is feared. Whistleblowers have been responsible for exposing many wrongdoings such as abuse, fraud, corruption, and unethical activities. With recent years showing an increase in corporate and political scandals, it is becoming increasingly important for organisations to have whistleblowing mechanisms in place and to understand what steps to take should these mechanisms be used.     

In order to ensure the effectiveness of a complaint reporting system and to prevent retaliation claims, companies should promote a corporate culture that encourages employees to come forward with concerns. Managers should recognise that employee complaints are opportunities for improvement and that encouraging and facilitating whistleblowers is the best way to avoid conflict and resolve matters within the company’s management structure.

Currently there are inconsistencies in the protection offered to whistleblowers in Ireland. However, this is due to change and so it is important to have a whistleblowing policy that reflects the imminent legislation and encourages / allows for internal disclosure and resolution of malpractice in the workplace.

The legislation on whistleblowers in Ireland is still a work-in-progress and the current legislation differs in its provision across certain sectors rather than having comprehensive application across the board. Caselaw and experience are called upon in advising public sector employers on policies and in respect of alleged whistleblowing ,  however it has been recently announced that draft legislation is to be published in late February 2012 and  this will be addressed in detail at the seminar.

The seminar will hear contributions from Michelle Ní Longáin, a legal professional with expertise in the areas of compliance and employment law in the public sector, a business risk specialist from Grant Thonrton and an expert in strategic communications. Collectively, the speakers will offer a wide range of legal and business-related expertise on the area of whistleblowers and public relations. You will also benefit from the experiences of others in the public service. There is informal networking time during breaks and the lunch provided afterwards.

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