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This year a new PMDS form has been introduced as part of a process to streamline and simplify PMDS. A new single form replaces the three separate forms that have covered each stage of the PMDS cycle to date.

PMDS is a tool to help managers and jobholders to manage and improve performance and this new form is intended as an aid to help plan work goals, indentify learning and development needs and provide an opportunity for constructive feedback and performance.

In order to make full use of the PMDS it is essential to understand the documentation that underpins the system. On Wednesday 22 February 2012 Public Affairs Ireland is hosting a special briefing event which focuses on clarifying how to complete the new PMDS form.

The briefing will be very practical and will focus on;

• Understanding the context for the revised system of PMDS
• Understanding what has and has not changed in the revised PMDS form
• Outlining how to complete the revised PMDS documentation, including:
– Jobholder Details
– Setting My Goals
– Achieving My Goals
– Learning and Development Plan
– Assessment of Performance – Interim Review
– Assessment of Performance – Annual Review
– Feedback Conversation
– Career Development

The briefing, which will commence at 9.30am sharp, will be conducted by Connor McDonough, an experienced performance management consultant and trainer. Connor has worked with a wide range of organisations, managers and staff in the public, private and semi-state sectors to successfully introduce effective performance management.

For more information please visit the event page.