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In recent times, the assessment of outcomes has become an increasingly prevalent theme within the community/voluntary/NGO sector. Good planning, monitoring and evaluation systems have always been essential for organisations to achieve their goals and optimise their effectiveness. These days, as funding is becoming more and more restricted and there is increased public scrutiny of organisations’ value to society, the need for knowing and showing what does (and does not) work, is especially pertinent.

Against this background, Public Affairs Ireland is organising a focused, practical and interactive seminar on defining and measuring outcomes for social purpose organisations, with a particular emphasis on assessing outcomes.

At the end of this seminar, delegates will have:

  • A good knowledge of the key concepts of outcome assessment
  • A clear understanding of the jargon surrounding this topic
  • Solid information on appropriate methodologies
  • Evidence of how other organisations have used this approach in practice
  • A tailored planning and evaluation framework for their own organisations.

This seminar is open to any group or organisation in the community/voluntary/NGO sector as well as social enterprises. It is designed for those who have direct responsibility for assessing the outcomes of the group or organisation’s work. These are likely to be senior staff members and/or members of the governing body (management committee/board).

This seminar will be led by two experts in the area who are both experienced consultants and trainers in the not-for-profit sector. Delegates will also benefit from the experiences of the other attendees. There will be informal networking time during the breaks and lunch.

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