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With the publication of the Public Service Reform plan on 17th November 2011, there is need now more than ever to ensure staff are properly equipped to deal with the requirements.

The Plan addresses a wide range of issues such as the implementation of shared services models, new business models for non core services, public procurement processes, reducing costs and eliminating waste.

At the heart of the reform agenda is a focus on five major commitments to change: Placing customer service at the core of  everything we do; Maximising new and innovative service delivery channels; Radically reducing costs to drive better value for money; Leading, organizing and working in new ways; and Strong focus on implementation and delivery.

Leadership at all levels is at the heart of the reform agenda with the focus on middle management to deliver the required change. A complex set of intrapersonal and interpersonal skills are required to navigate and resolve the inevitable ambiguities that will arise at local level as change is forced on everyone not least by the current difficult environment.

Public Affairs Ireland has recently launched an ILM endorsed certificate focused on addressing the level of change required to implement likely changes arising from the reform plan. Split into 12 modules, the course will be targeted and practical, addressing the subject in accessible terms and providing participants with a range of new tools to deal with the many challenges that implementation of the change agenda is likely to involve.