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The Government will be making a number of announcements in the coming weeks in the lead up to Budget 2012.

Beginning this week, the Government will publish a medium term budget plan which will detail proposed tax and spending policies for the years 2012 to 2015 and include the breakdown between current and capital spending.

On November 10, the capital spending plan will be published which will include conclusions of the ongoing capital spending review.

The Government will announce on November 17 reforms to be made within the public service which will be drawn from the Comprehensive Spending Review. The Review was launched with the aim of identifying major savings and efficiencies to reduce the State’s expenditure levels.

Following from this, on December 1, the Government will publish the detailed spending estimates for 2012. This too will be based upon the conclusions of the Comprehensive Review of Spending. Departmental spending ceilings in 2013 and 2014 will also be published on this date and will also reflect outcomes contained within the Comprehensive Review of Spending.

December 6 will see the publication of Budget 2012 which will set out the overall shape of the Budget for 2012, including tax measures and the overall Exchequer position.