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The EU Commission recently announced measures which aim to increase the usage of e-procurement throughout the EU Member States.

Among the measures include a call for participation in an expert group on e-tendering, monitoring of e-procurement across Member States and the publication of the responses to the e-procurement Green Paper.

The expert group will serve to develop a blue-print for common solutions for electronic submission offers. Given the current lack of information on e-procurement services, the Commission has published a call for tenders for a study to develop relevant indicators for monitoring the development of e-procurement. A case-book of best practices will be issued on the most successful e-procurement solutions so far in Europe. Furthermore, responses to the Green Paper on e-procurement, which identifies obstacles to the take-up of e-procurement along with risks that may be involved, were analysed and highlighted the support for EU-level action to facilitate the use of standardised e-procurement solutions.

The Commission defines e-procurement as “the use of electronic communications and transaction processing by governments and other public sector organisations when buying supplies and services or tendering public works”.