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A Commission on Credit Unions has been established by the Government which will review the future of the credit union movement and make further recommendations in relation to the most effective regulatory structure for credit unions.

The Commission will take into account their not-for-profit mandate, their volunteer ethos and community focus, while paying due regard to the need to fully protect depositors savings and financial stability. It will also serve to examine the strategy to underpin its immediate solvency and viability which has been prepared under the EU/IMF Programme of Support for Ireland.

An interim report will be provided by the Commission to the Minister for Finance by September 30 2011 and a final report will be delivered by March 31 2012.

Chairman of the Commission isProfessor Donal McKillop who is a Professor of Financial Services in the School of Management at Queens University, Belfast and a member of the Credit Union Advisory Committee.

Ordinary members of the Commission on Credit Unions include:

Mr. Kieron Brennan, Chief Executive Officer, Irish League of Credit Unions;

Ms. Fiona Cullen, Head of Legal Department, Irish League of Credit Unions;

Mr. Billy Doyle, Management Committee, Credit Union Development Association;

Ms. Eileen Fitzgerald, Senior Manager in the Citizen’s Information Board, with responsibility for MABS;

Mr. Eamonn Kearns, Financial Services Division, Department of Finance;

Mr. Tom McCarthy, Chief Executive Officer, Irish Management Institute;

Mr. Tim Molan, National Secretary, Credit Union Managers Association;

Mr. Robert Moynihan, Qualified Chartered Accountant and Regulatory Consultant;

Mr. James O’Brien, Registrar of Credit Unions; 

Mr. Dan O’Gorman (Solicitor)

Mr. Joe O Toole, Former Senator; and

Prof. John Wilson, Professor of Banking, St. Andrews University, Scotland.