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Circular 17/2011 from the Department of Education and Skills was released and sets out the revised arrangements for the provision of teaching supports to Traveller pupils for the 2011/2012 and subsequent school years following the most recent budget.

The circular states that the Resource Teacher for Traveller (RTT) posts/Teaching Hours for Traveller pupils scheme will be withdrawn from August 31 2011 and those pupils affected should receive learning support through the existing schemes in schools on the basis of priority of need.

Alleviation measures

Alleviation measures for schools that have a high concentration of Traveller pupils who were in receipt of RTT will be considered but priority will be given to schools with 33 or more of that category of pupil and the measures will be considered “in the context of the limited resources” available to the Department.

The Circular requests schools not to contact the Department about these potential alleviation measures as it states the proposals are being finalised and that it will advise schools by further communication in the future.

Delivering Equality of Opportunity in Schools (DEIS)

The Circular states that for the 2011/2012 school year, Traveller pupils will be included in the valid enrolment for the purpose of allocating additional staff under DEIS and that queries about this provision may be directed to the Department’s Social Inclusion Unit.