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HIQA has published its first report under its new regime aimed at strengthening and improving Ireland’s child protection and welfare services. The report, ‘HSE Child Protection and Welfare Service in Carlow/Kilkenny’, is the first in a series of reports into Ireland’s child protection and welfare services that will be published by Authority.

According to Phelim Quinn, Director of Regulation with HIQA, the Authority now inspects HSE Children and Family Services to measure its compliance with the National Standards for the Protection and Welfare of Children. The Authority is also assessing the implementation by the HSE of Children First: National Guidance for the Protection and Welfare of Children (2011). The Authority will report on its findings publicly and, as part of this process, we hope to promote improvements in these services.”

Mr Quinn added that this particular report, “while finding that services provided to children were safe overall, there were a range of non-compliance issues identified during the inspection process. It is essential that the national service learns from the outcomes of this inspection and takes all steps possible to deliver protection and support for vulnerable children”.