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The report ‘Supporting Enterprise, Local Development and Economic Growth-Analysis of Local Authority Activities for 2012’ has been published by the County and City Managers’ Association (CCMA).

The report highlights over 2,300 separate actions, projects and promotional activities undertaken by local authorities in 2012 to support job creation and economic development. The actions are listed below.

Findings of the report are based upon research assessing the extent of existing local authority activities in support of enterprise, economic growth and employment.

Mr Michael Malone, Chair of the CCMA said “I believe the results show the range of experience and unique capability of local authorities and I am confident that the report will assist in sharing best practice and in the preparation of local action plans for jobs throughout the country”.

Minister for the Environment, Community and Local Government, Phil Hogan TD welcomed the report

And its recommendations for each local authority to review the National Database to identify areas where good practice can be replicated, or where there is further potential for collaboration, and draft a Local Action Plan which prioritises future action within the functional area of each County / City Council.

The Minister also complimented local authorities on their engagement with stakeholders in facilitating the transfer of the functions of County Enterprise Boards to Local Enterprise Offices (LEOs) which, from later in 2013, will be situated in local authorities.  As part of the Action Plan for Jobs, launched by Minister Hogan in September 2012, the County & City Enterprise Boards are being replaced by Local Enterprise Offices (LEOs), to act as one-stop shops to deliver enterprise supports through the local government system.

This report according to the Minister will “prove valuable in advising Councillors, and the general public they serve, of the opportunities available to their own local authority in supporting enterprise and jobs, as each local authority develops its own strategy to support the Action Plan for Jobs”.

The Minister also announced that a review on implementation of the local government sectoral strategy to promote employment and support local enterprise, “Supporting Economic Recovery and Jobs – Locally”, which was published by his Department last June, will commence shortly.

List of actions pursued by local authorities

These actions include organising and supporting festivals which bring tourism into cities and towns (465 events); developing infrastructure (330 projects); provision of recreation/amenity facilities (227); economic promotion including information dissemination (193); financial incentives (182); creation of an entrepreneurial environment (141); enterprise infrastructure (140); establishment of collaborative structures focusing on economic development (128); expenditure on recreation/amenity facilities (109); service enhancement/integration within local authority (103); policies (92); creation of networking opportunities/structures (86); research and innovation (71); developing employment initiatives within community (62); and labour activation measures (53).