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In the July edition of The Public Professional, Dr Sarah-Jane Cullinane from Trinity Business School discussed the value of promoting job crafting to help employees find greater meaning in their work. If you found this topic to be of interest, we would like to invite your team to participate in the following intervention study which is co-run by University of Limerick, University of Chile, and Trinity College Dublin. This is the second wave of the study following a successful pilot project with a group of public sector employees in 2016.


An intervention to enhance meaning through workplace relationships

  • Are you interested in enhancing the co-worker relationships within your team?
  • Would you like to foster a more positive and supportive work environment?


You and your team are invited to participate in an intervention which aims to enhance workplace relationships.


What you need to know?

  • Participants:

Anyone currently working in paid employment full-time. If you are interested, the members of your team will be invited to participate in the study. Participation is voluntary and free of charge.


  • What is involved?

Participants will be asked to complete two short daily questionnaires over a period of four working weeks. For two of those weeks, participants will be asked to complete a short reflection exercise once a day. (Monday–Friday).

All questionnaires and tasks are online, meaning they can be completed anywhere.

Prior to commencing the study, all participants will receive training that will equip them with the skills necessary for successful implementation of the intervention.


  • What are the benefits of taking part?

Employees today are faced with constant stressors and pressures in their working life – balancing relationships with co-workers should not have to be one of them! Through participating in this study your employees will be equipped with skills that will allow them to appraise their relationships more positively, fostering a more supportive and pro-social working environment.


If you would like to take part, please contact:

Dr. Deirdre O’Shea, Lecturer in Work and Organisational Psychology, Kemmy Business School, University of Limerick (

Dr. Sarah-Jane Cullinane, Assistant Professor in HRM and Organisational Behaviour, Trinity Business School, Trinity College Dublin (

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