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Acknowledging the “need and widespread support for effective and affordable regulation of the charities sector” in Ireland, Alan Shatter TD Minister for Justice, Equality and Defence has published a consultation paper on his plans for bringing the Charities Act 2009 into force.

Bringing the legislation into force was delayed due to government spending reductions.

The Minister proposes that charities will be asked to pay an annual fee to contribute to the costs of maintaining the statutory Register of Charities which is one of the key provisions of the Charities Act. Some initial suggestions on how this might be implemented are contained in the consultation paper.

 The consultation paper includes proposals and consultation questions on the establishment of a Charities Regulatory Authority and a statutory Register of Charities. It also includes proposals and consultation questions on the types of financial and activity reports that registered charities will be required to provide to the Charities Regulatory Authority once it is established.


The Minister added: “It is in all our interests that this investment is safeguarded, managed effectively, and ultimately benefits the charitable purpose it is intended for. The statutory regulation of charities will support this.”