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Brian Hayes TD, Minister of State for Public Service Reform and the Office of Public Works has launched a new etenders website designed to make the awarding of State contracts to firms easier.

According to the Minister: “The launch of the new etenders website makes a dramatic shift in favour of suppliers who have rightly complained about the endless documentation that is attached to each bid. Once that documentation is up on the site, it’s there forever. The site allows new bids from potential suppliers to simple cut and paste the documentation that is already there.”

“Where a business expresses an interest in a specific area within the public sector and some work becomes available, they are notified because they are registered on etenders. A new function on the site is a quick quote which allows buyers to search and then invite suppliers to tender for low value contracts, typically below £25,000.”

With 72,000 suppliers registered on line with etenders, additionally, the Minister would “encourage every Irish business, big and small, to register and to compete for public sector business. This technology is well ahead of what’s on offer in other EU countries while complying with all EU directives”.