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Ahead of Ireland’s Presidency of the EU from January 1 2013 to June 2013, Minister for European Affairs, Lucinda Creighton TD is to commence a meeting, over two days with the key members of the European Parliament.

She will meet with the Parliament’s negotiating team on the future EU €1 trillion Multi-Annual Financial Framework (MFF) and with MEPs active on enlargement issues, including Iceland, Turkey and Serbia. The Minister is also meeting with Irish MEPs.

Speaking prior to the meetings the Minister said “for any EU Presidency to succeed, an effective win-win relationship with the European Parliament has to be among the key goals”. She also stressed her commitment “to forging such a relationship with the Parliament during our Presidency.”

Additionally, she added: “The EU has a challenging programme of legislative work on issues of real importance to citizens around Europe which will be taken up by the Irish Presidency on  January next 1 – initiatives to help create jobs, stimulate the economy and restore financial stability.  I look forward to working with the Parliament to reach agreement on these initiatives during our Presidency”.