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Minister for Housing announces €51m budget for Ballymun to complete building and infrastructural projects

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19 September 2012 14:41

The Minister for Housing and Planning, Jan O’Sullivan TD as announced the final significant cash transfer to the sum of €51m from the Department to Ballymun Regeneration Ltd. The funding will go towards completion of a number of planned housing initiatives and a number of infrastructure projects.

This brings total investment in the Ballymun to more than €700m.

Speaking following a board meeting of Ballymun Regeneration Ltd members today, the Minister commended the success of the Ballymun project saying “the transformation of Ballymun is a testament to the vision, dedication and perseverance of the local community.  Working in close partnership with Ballymun Regeneration and Dublin City Council in particular they have brought about remarkable change”.  “Regeneration is about much more than just bricks and mortar”, she added and “the social and economic regeneration of Ballymun will continue even as the physical renewal phase comes to a close.” 

The Minister also stressed the potential for the experience of regeneration in Ballymun to become a leader “in managing change and progress” across the country.