A National Implementation  Framework,  to  support  the  Government’s  National Housing Strategy  for  People  with  a  Disability  2011–2016  has been launched today whichsets  out  a  range  of priority actions to support people with disabilities to live in communities as independently as possible by   providing   mainstream  assessment  of  housing  need  and appropriate   housing   solutions.

The    framework   reflects   the  recommendations  of  A Vision for Change and the Report of the  Congregated Settings Working Group in relation to the phased movement, over  the  next seven years, of almost 5,000 people with intellectual, physical and  mental  health  disabilities  from  institutions  to community living.

According to Minister for Disability, Equality, Mental Health and Older People, Kathleen Lynch TD, who launched the framework alongside Minister for Housing & Planning, Jan O’Sullivan TD, €1m is to be made available in 2013 to support a programme of transition to support those moving from institutional care to more independent living within socially inclusive communities.

The funding will enable housing authorities to provide up to 150 new homes in the community for people with disabilities.  These units will be additional to the overall social housing supports which are expected to be delivered through all supply mechanisms in 2013.

The  Housing  and  Sustainable  Communities  Agency will play a key role in overseeing  the  rollout  of  the  Implementation  Framework  and  ensuring uniformity  of  approach  at  local level. 

Additionally, a dedicated Housing Subgroup is being established in order to develop guidance and provide advice for local authorities on the implementation of priority actions.